• What business can be started without large capital? Or even zero capital? One answer is the dropship business. Dropship system business is very popular in recent years, apart from the lack of capital because of the high potential profits, plus the way to start a dropship business is quite easy to do.

    I myself am also an actor in this business, since last year I have plunged into a dropshipper, and of course I have felt the bitter and sweetness of the dropship business itself. But overall, in my opinion dropship business is very promising, it can be used as a main business or can also be studied in marketing.

    Well, are you also interested in this business? Want to start but where do you start confused? Okay I understand, as a consideration, try to read this article to the end! I’m sure the contents of this article will really help, please refer to the following:


Determine what you want to sell


 The first thing to start a dropship business is to think about what will be sold later. My advice is to focus on 1 type of sale first, for example clothing, shoes, electronics, or something else. Try to think about what areas you like, master, or what you think are needed by people.

There are several fields which in my opinion are very large sales potential, including in the fields of fashion, electronics and beauty. But in line with its potential, the competition is also very tight. All you need to understand, the greater the potential, the greater the competition.

And it’s good that you also specify the items you will sell. For example, there are many types of fashion such as women’s clothing, men’s clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, or even soccer jersey. By further specifying products, you will be more focused on marketing and choosing marketing targets. If in the future it has developed, then it has expanded the specifications of the products sold.

Finding and Choosing a Supplier


 Finding and Choosing a Supplier


If you have determined what products to sell, the next way to start a dropship business is to find and choose a supplier. From my experience in dropship business, searching for and choosing suppliers is one of the biggest challenges because not all suppliers are good. There are two ways that I usually use to find suppliers, namely:


Looking for a Supplier


 Looking for a Supplier

Search Google

The most common way I usually do is look for it on Google search engines by typing in certain keywords. For example, you want to dropship women’s clothes, you can type keywords like dropship women’s clothes, dropship girls clothes, women’s clothing resellers, dropship robes, or other keywords, please try it yourself.

Search on Instagram

The second way is to look for it on Instagram social media, I used to look for it using certain hashtags, but I didn’t focus on the keywords “dropship” or “reseller” because the search results that came out were only a few, so I often searched for product name keywords. For example # clothes for women, # sellgamis, # sellbajucewek, and others.

Usually the online store that opens dropship will write it in the profile, even if there is no writing you can ask directly by way of DM or contact the WA or Line number provided. Don’t be afraid and embarrassed, without actions we will get nothing.

Search the Marketplace

I rarely search the marketplace because in my opinion it is rather difficult to find it, but I have found a supplier that is quite good in its products even though the service is normal. You can search the marketplace like Tokopedia or Shopee. Try typing in a particular keyword or being able to check every profile of the store whose products look good, don’t hesitate to ask directly if there is no info obtained on the profile.

Search for Info on Famous Web

The last way I used to do it was to open and search for information on well-known and favorite websites, the aim of which was to find out whether they opened a dropship or not. Usually if they open a dropship, there is an info at the bottom or top of the web. One of the advantages if a famous or favorite web opens dropship, the product is likely to be very good and always up to date.

Choosing a Dropship Supplier

Choosing a Dropship Supplier


After you search for suppliers here and there and find several suppliers, don’t take everything, just start with the best suppliers according to you. How to determine a good supplier? Apart from being seen in terms of the quality of its products, a good dropship supplier can be seen from its service, communication, price offered, and much more.

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Determine Media Marketing

Determine Media Marketing


Choosing media marketing is an important step in starting a dropship business. Many people who use the marketing media are not optimal, for example, only selling to friends via WhatsApp or Line or other messaging applications, this is understandable because they think the dropship business is only for side business. In fact, there are many other media that can be used easily to optimize it, even making a dropship business not just a side business, but a main business.

The marketing media is very simple but rarely used by dropship businesses because they are not used to it, for example you can market it on Instagram, Facebook, and in the Marketplace like Tokopedia. I myself market and sell dropship products on Instagram, Facebook and Tokopedia. In my personal opinion, the three media are effective as marketing media.

Don’t feel inferior just because you sell dropship items, just consider your own items. But what if suppliers sell in the same media, for example, both sell on Instagram? My supplier also sells in the same media as me, in fact my product sells well.

But what you need to do if something like that happens, do not market the product to supplier customers, meaning that you do not compete with suppliers because you will most likely lose in terms of price. In addition, avoid marketing techniques that are the same as suppliers, for example the use of tags must be different from those used by suppliers. Why? Because new customers can find your store and supplier shop, if consumers compare prices, of course your shop will lose.

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Creating a Management System

 Creating a Management System

Let’s say you already have a flagship marketing media and start focusing on marketing it in the media. In order for business management to run smoothly and neatly, I suggest creating a management system that will facilitate management. Starting from the simple first, such as a product recording system, for example, which product is from a supplier, what price, how many variants are available, etc.

Another example, how many sales this week, from which media the sales came from, what products were sold, and there was a lot that you could record including when was the best time to post the product. With the recording and management of this detail, it looks troublesome but try because it is very helpful in making decisions. I myself have felt the hassle if there is no good record.

To start making notes, you can use Excel on your computer / laptop or can use your Smartphone. Starting from the simple first, the important thing is neat and clear.

Simple Secrets To Success

 Simple Secrets To Success I am not a successful person, only someone who feels that what has been done has run smoothly, including my business. I have a simple recipe to make my business run smoothly, which is action and consistent. I believe, if I can be more actions and more consistent then in the future the business will be more smooth and growing again. How about you Already action and consistent? Or can you just read it (sorry ^ _ ^) and just dream?

Okay, guys, those are some ways to start a dropship business from zero to developing, all of which really depend on your willingness to try and try. But, hopefully the article above is useful and helps realize your dreams. Don’t forget to share this article too, thanks and good luck.

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